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An evening at Zelide's...

For the first film for my research I want to visit some of the people I made the film "Memory Songs" with to explore whether I can make a film with them in their homes. Whereas "Memory Songs" was made with a visual formality in one communal space, I am interested to see how intimacy is translated when filming with them in their homes. I decided to go and visit Zelide, a wonderful woman in her late 80's who has vascular dementia and lives at home with her husband Rex, 91. I felt when making "Memory Songs" that Zelide had a strong presence on camera and I really connected with her wit and strength of character, so I went to see her in her home to discuss the possibilities of making another film together.

Her husband, Rex- who is also an incredible character - is understandably very protective of Zelide and is somewhat suspicious of the camera. I filmed our discussion and looking at it now I feel that this reflexive approach of filmmaking, whereby the process of making the film itself is part of it, could be a really interesting approach for making a film about a sensitive subject with limited access.

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